Personal Narrative: High School Football

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To play varsity football for any high school showcases a significant level of skill and athleticism. It is the highest tier of competition in high school and its success is measured by state championships and playoff appearances. To be on the varsity football team, a student must be an upperclassman or have the skill set to compete at this high level. As a freshman, the coaches believed I had the skill and athleticism to start at the linebacker position for the last game of Valley View’s season. Representing my school by playing for the varsity football team was surreal to me. Out of the fifty freshman playing football, I was the only one to suit up and play for varsity that season. Winning that game would have meant going to the playoffs and most importantly, it wouldn’t have been the last football game for the seniors. That game also had a personal significance for me; it would be the first time I would be playing underneath the lights of Eagle Stadium for everyone to…show more content…
Therefore, I remember my heart pounding from nervousness underneath my number 27 black and red jersey. To calm my heart rate, I was listening to my iPod just like all my teammates. It gave me the opportunity to calm down by just listening to my favorite songs. With my body calm and my mind full of thoughts, I was able to complete the pregame stretches with the team. Those moments were just building up to what I had anticipated most: to finally take the field with my varsity teammates. The crowd was cheering as the announcer said “Here are your 2004 Valley View Eagles!” At that moment, I remember every nervous limb in my body being replaced with electricity throughout my veins as we rushed across the green grass. The crowd was roaring, the entire varsity football team was yelling in excitement, and most importantly, I was finally underneath the Friday night

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