The Comeback Narrative

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Edgar Salinas September 29, 2011 English 1301-M33 Essay #1-Narrative The Comeback Since 2003, I started to become a big Colts fan. My Uncle and I would enjoy watching the Colts vs. Texans because he was from Houston. I would always ask him if he could get some tickets to one of the games. A happy time I’ve had in my life was when I went to my first NFL game. In the summer of 2009, I went on a vacation to Houston to visit my Uncle Victor. Once I had arrived, he took me out to go eat at his favorite restaurant. During our dinner, he asked me, “When do the Colts play the Texans again?” I answered, “They play twice every year, once in Houston and once in Indianapolis.” Later, he told me some shocking news that I did…show more content…
Some Texan fans started to think the game was over and the Texans would win. Little did they know they were facing the best quarterback, Peyton Manning. With 8 minutes left in the fourth, the Colts scored and finally took the lead, 21-20. I started to feel the momentum shift. A few plays later, the Houston quarterback threw an interception for a touchdown. I was excited because the Colts were making a comeback. The score was now 28-20. Houston started to get on fire, but the running back fumbled the ball near their end zone. The Colts got the ball back and the fans started to boo their team as they left the stadium. The final score was 35-27. The Colts improved to 11-0 in the season and Houston fell to 5-6. I was proud to see my team win despite them coming back from losing by 13 at halftime. Attending my first NFL game was a great experience for me. I really had wished my uncle could have been there with me. I believe he was taken away too early. I appreciated everything he did for me. I dedicated that game to my Uncle Victor. The game was so much fun and exciting. I learned that it is better watching the game live in person than on the television. It was a moment I will never

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