Tony D Amato's Inspirational Speech

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Luke Danner Abigail Browning English 101-22 September 15, 2012 !!!Fired Up!!! Everybody loves the sound of clacking helmets and pads, but most of all we like to hear encouragement from our heroes. Tony D’Amato’s “Inch for Inch” inspirational speech from the movie Any Given Sunday and Ray Lewis’s: Elon University Pregame Inspirational Speech, represents my along with many Americans’ passion for football. These inspirational speeches for football help win their games. Tony D’Amato uses his lively voice to project his perspective on winning in life and on the field to his players, while Ray Lewis uses his prior football experience and religious background to inspire the importance of success. Both of the speakers use their intimidating…show more content…
At this point in the movie each of his players has their head down, because they are losing. He only has three minutes to encourage his team to play better at the game. He explains to them “I pissed away all my money, chased away all of the people that loved me, and lately I can’t stand the person I see in the mirror” (D’Amato: Any Given Sunday). His example sets up a personal mindset of what a loser gets in life. D’Amato was mad at himself for such things he’s done as middle-age man. He was not fighting in life to get that extra “inch”. Tony D’Amato informs his players, “When you get old in life, things get taken away from you. That is a part of life. That only happens when you start losing stuff” (D’Amato: Any Given Sunday). D’Amato is using memories in his argument to demonstrate the idea that losers do not have enough passion or motivation to win a game. To state more simply, if you always have no self-confidence to win, you will lose in parts of your life. By using this memory his pathos helps his players feel the way he does. As a player you do not want to feel so low. I would know as a football player myself; I have been in a situation such as losing the semi-final round of the playoffs. You do not want to lose everything you have worked towards. You want to fight to get what you deserve. Tony D’Amato is capitalizing on this feeling through

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