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Bear Bryant Paul William “Bear” Bryant Hi very good morning friends. Friends every one love sports and sports is everything , everywhere too, I have an heart. sports is Divine and My favourite guy who makes that coach is Bear” Bryant one of the best football coach ever. 2) Paul William Bryant also known as “Bear Bryant” was a smart man to know the many different kinds of football players of Alabama. 3) He was born on September 11, 1913 in Fordyce, Arkansas and had died on January 26, 1983 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He was the eleventh child of the twelve children in his family. His nick name is bear. 4)He went to Fordyce High School and 5)began playing the school’s football team as an eighth grader. He had been playing football…show more content…
* Bryant was honored with a U.S. postage stamp in 1996. * Country singer Roger Hallmark recorded a tribute song in his honor.[14] 9) He was then offered the head coaching job at the University of Arkansas in the year 1941. But he decided to join the Navy. 10) In September when he had turned 69 he decided to retire. Four weeks after he had retired he got chest pain. A day later, when they were preparing him for an electrocardiogram (a record of a person’s heart beat), 11)he died after suffering a massive attack. It happened on January 26, 1983 at the age of 69. He was the most organized person. He embodied football. The winner of more games than any other coach in history, he was a true American hero. He gave his country the gift of a legend. In making the impossible seem easy, he lived what we all strive to be. So overall, Paul William Bryant is an amazing man who has put his life into his interest of football and had made many amazing records and won many awards....... I hope u all enjoyed with about his life story and I know you all love football . I just want to say Paul William Bryant rocks Thank

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