Life Lessons Through Football

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Life Lessons Through Football Growing up I was a tough kid to get through too, even most of my high school years. I had no ambitions of doing something bigger in life. Always wanting to hang out with friends, going to parties, chasing girls, and getting into drugs. I was getting into trouble and my grades were slipping very low. I suffered from depression because I thought I would never be good in sports, or amount to anything in life. I needed something to pick me up and make me strive for greatness. Football did that for me, teaching me life lessons that I will hold with me for the rest of my life. Ultimately learning the number one lesson of dedication, with all my effort I can achieve anything I want. I grew up in southern California, in the San Bernardino area. I was raised in the high desert where my father taught my brother and I to race dirt bikes. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school when I decided to play football. By the end of that season I fell in love with the sport and the environment. My parents told me I had to choose either to play football or keep racing. It was a tough decision but I decided football was a better investment since I might have a chance to get my college schooling paid for by a scholarship. My sophomore and junior year I wasn’t that good of a player, not being the strongest or toughest. I knew my senior year was my time to shine but knew I had a lot of work to do. My best friend and I promised each other to train as hard as we could for 9 months to become the best. Before this moment I never really put in one hundred percent of my effort into something. Over the next couple months I dedicated myself to being a student athlete. By the end of the season I was voted the most improved player and the Most Valuable Player of the conference. My grades also improved tremendously having a 3.7 my senior year, my
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