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English 1310.009 Kelly Ledbetter December 12th, 2010 Textual Artifact Project: Part 1: Analysis The Dallas Cowboys is also known as America’s team, Doomsday Defense [back in the 1960’s and 1970’s], The Boys, and Big D. The expectations for the team are almost always high and Wade Phillips start of 1 – 7 was not satisfying enough for the owner, the team, the city of Dallas, nor the fan throughout the country thus, Jerry Jones remove him as soon as he possibly could. At the beginning of this season the Cowboys had extremely high expectations of going to the Super Bowl that will be held in February of 2011 in the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. After going 1-7 and a disgusting 45 to 7 lost to the Green Bay Packers, Jerry Jones,…show more content…
This man was named Bill Parcells. Bill Parcells started with a team whom before him has back to back to back 5 – 11 records. He then in his very first season went 10 – 6 and went to the playoffs. Followed by a 6 – 10 and a 9 – 7 without a playoff appearance then in his last season a 9 -7 record but went to the playoffs They were expected to win the Super Bowl the year before this year but, Tony Romo fumbled the ball while trying to set it down for the kicker to kick for the lead with merely a few minutes left on the clock. He tried to pick up the ball and run it in the end zone for pretty much the win but was inches short from the first down and a yard away from the end zone when he was stopped by the linebacker from the Seattle Seahawks, who ended up with the Lombardi Trophy as the National Football League (NFL) champions. In neither of his playoff appearance was he expected to win but just get into the playoffs was the team’s goal at the time. He the head coach from 2003 – 2006. Unfortunately, Bill Parcells who was expected to do great things for the team in the future was ready to quit his stressful 12 month year job and retired with a record of 34 – 32 in the four years as head coach for the…show more content…
He didn’t deserve to be the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys, especially after having to follow such an amazing coach in Bill Parcells (whom came out of retirement and is now the manager of the Miami Dolphins, in which he brought an 1 – 15 team to a playoff in one season.) He’s has shown all of us that he isn’t capable of coaching any team with such high expectations. But we do know that he is capable of getting the entire city of Dallas and the entire fan based of the Cowboys hyped up and disappointing them all. Wade Phillips has lost many respect of the extremely large fan base of America’s team, and it may be hard for him to get a head coaching job in the NFL unless it’s a team that’s just desperate for a head

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