Personal Narrative: Emil The Sly Medic

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Emil the Sly Medic Another chilly December afternoon, my family was still absorbing the festivities of Christmas, preparing for New Year’s. I arrive at Uncle Mickey and Aunty Dot’s house, also known as Emil and Dorothy Hugo. Ever since they had retired, they have always been very supportive with my family, attending our sports activities as much as possible. We sat down and he offered me a can of guava juice as usual. His raspy, Pigeon accent and carefree mood comforts me as we settle down to watch the College Bowl Games. These football games were the greatest experience for the players, however, nothing comparable to my uncle’s experience in the Korean War. The Korean War, where he made history and risked his neck also became his most…show more content…
One day during the war, he was called upon to take his work out into the fields. Equipped with his medic backpack and a gun, he had to run through the battle zone, diving to one safe spot to the next, quickly, he bandaged his fellow war mates; then he heard a scream. Looking to his left, his very close friend, Fred Golding, was shot in the chest. Running as fast as he could, Emil made it to Fred, but knew it was no use; Fred had died in his arms. Coming into this war, Emil knew the possibility of dying was the chance he and his friends must take. Unfortunately, Fred had paid the greatest price, dying for his…show more content…
As he walks into the tent, he meets the lieutenant face to face. The Koreans spoke very little English, but was capable of asking Emil what he was doing in the Korean territory? He tried to remember everything he can to rescue himself, thinking of plans what to do? Does he fight back because his life is hanging on a string and might as well as do as much damage as he can while still alive? Looking at his surroundings he sees a German flag on one of the bags next to the lieutenant. THAT WAS IT! The Germans were the Korean’s allies and he spoke German. Before coming into the war, he was a German teacher at the Savanna High School so he spoke German fluently. This was his one opportunity to get himself back to safety, one chance to save his own

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