Compare And Contrast Essay

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February 4, 2010 Compare and Contrast Essay Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson are the two best running backs in the present day NFL. These two players set the standard for other running backs in the National Football League. Although these two running backs are the two best in the NFL, they differ in ways other than just their running styles. In many ways Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson are similar. First of all their age is identical. Adrian and Chris are both 24 years old. Both Adrian and Chris were introduced and played football from a young age. Both were successful athletes in high school. Chris Johnson placed second in the state in the Florida 4A track state championships showing off his blazing speed which he would later boast having the fasted 40 yard dash in the history of the NFL. Adrian on the other had established himself as the best high school running back in the nation. Adrian Peterson’s high school stats were as good as they get averaging more than eleven yards every time he touched the football. Chris Johnson was not highly ranked coming out of high school only being regarded as a two star recruit. Adrian was a whole different story though. Adrian was five star recruit and also the highest rated player in the nation. Adrian Peterson’s freshman year playing football at the University of Oklahoma was the best year a freshman has ever had. Adrian helped his team to an undefeated regular season, a conference championship, and a nation championship appearance. Adrian Peterson also was nominated for the Heisman Trophy. The trophy presented to the best college football player of the year. Adrian finished second in the voting, the highest ever by a freshman. Adrian finished out the rest of his college career as one of the premier running backs although missing many games due to various injuries. Chris Johnson had a much quieter but still
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