NFL Quarterbacks: A Comparative Analysis

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Last year in the NFL 2 quarterbacks made their rookie debut. One was Andrew luck who played QB for Stanford; he was drafted first in the 2012 draft by the Indianapolis Colts. The other was Robert Griffin the third commonly referred to as RG3 he was the Heisman trophy winner that hailed from Baylor, he was drafted 2nd by the Washington Redskin. These two quarterbacks both have strengths that set them apart from the rest and weaknesses that they individually have to conquer to become great NFL quarterbacks. I will be doing an in-depth statistical comparison analysis to diagnose which one of these young quarterbacks had a better rookie debut, hype factor, who will win a super bowl first, who will have a better career, if RG3’s injury proneness…show more content…
This puts Luck in substantially better position. Andrew Luck’s quarterback performance compared to RG3’s. Andrew luck played 16 games throughout the 2012 season he completed 339 of his 627 passing attempts resulting in a 54.1% completion percentage. Luck threw for 4,374 yards with an average of 6.98 yards per pass. Luck threw 23 touchdowns, 18 interceptions and fumbled the football 9 times. These numbers resulted in a distasteful 76.5 quarterback rating. RG3 played 15 games in the 2012 season missing one due to a hyper extended knee injury. RG3 completed 258 of his 393 passing attempts resulting in a 65.6 completion percentage. RG3 threw for 3,200 yards with an average of 8.14 yards per pass. RG3 threw 20 touchdowns, only 5 interceptions and fumbled the football 3 times. RG3’s performance resulted in an impressive 102.4 quarterback rating. All in all RG3 had a better rookie debut but don’t count Andrew Luck out he did throw for an impressive 4,374 yards. Another upside in Andrew Luck’s favor was that he did not get injured. RG3 missed one game last season due to a hyper extended ligament in his…show more content…
In RG3’s case I would compare him to Mike Vick due to they have the same style of play. When Mike Vick did his combine event before being drafted he ran a 4.33 forty yard dash and RG3 ran a 4.38 very close to that of Michael Vick. This is a strength in the arsenal that these two players possess. On the other hand looking back on Mike Vicks career he was plagued with injury throughout will the same fate hold true for RG3? I believe it will due to Mike Vick is a prime example of this style and what this style encompasses. Mike Vick’s rookie stats do not even come close to that of RG3 for one he only played 8 games due to injury and out of those 8 games he totaled a quarterback rating of a disappointing 62.7. In Andrew Luck’s case I would compare him to Peyton Manning not so much based on performance wise but on physical attributes they are about the same height and weight and play very similar. Both possess an in the pocket waiting for plays to develop style. Of course Peyton Manning has the on field presence that Luck still has to obtain but can only be obtained through experience. As for their rookie year stats Peyton Manning received a substandard 71.2 whereas Luck obtained a 76.5 not detrimentally better but he did surpass Manning in his rookie year one of the all-time greats. Can it be concluded that Luck will be a better quarterback based on rookie year performance not

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