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Mental Health Mental Health Bi Polar Disorder Bi Polar disorder is a condition which causes the person to have periodic mood swings. These mood swings can happen very abruptly and tend to be very quick with the change between manic (happiness, compulsiveness) and depression. There are three types of Bi-Polar: * Type 1 Bi-Polar where the affected has had about 1 manic episode while having multiple depression episodes. In the past it was called manic depression. * Type 2 Bi-Polar where the affected has not experienced complete mania but instead experience hypomania which causes them to have high energy levels and impulsiveness. This occurs with periods of depression. * Cyclothymia, causes the affected to have less severs mood…show more content…
Andrew “Joey” Johns Andrew Johns is a former professional Rugby League player who is most famously known for being the halfback and captain for the Newcastle knights. He first played in the Newcastle knights juniors at age 15, in 1989. From then on it was evident that he was a skilful player, and when the opportunity to play in first grade presented itself four years later he took it. He was an instant success scoring 23 points in his debut match against the Rabbitohs, earning him the man of the match award. He would later go on to lead the knights first premiership victories in 1997 and 2001, as well as playing in 2 world cups and 1 kangaroo tour. Though he was a great player his greatness would be ended when a bulging disc formed in his neck forcing him to retire on 10 April 2007, at age 32. He would not be forgotten though for his achievements including being the one of only two players to win the golden boot award more than once as well, being the only player to have one the Dally M Medal for best player in the NRL three times and though it is not official he is considered the best player of all…show more content…
He was arrested in the London Underground on August 26 2007 originally for fare evasion but was found to be in possession of one ecstasy tablet. Due to his ecstasy use he has been rejected contracts on several occasions including playing in the ARU. It has also affected him emotionally as he has had a history of lash outs at rival team members and fellow team members alike. His retirement has helped him to recover with the burden of being a professional rugby league player. He has now made a full recovery from his drug problems and depression and is currently moving between coaching roles in Rugby

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