The Short Success of Tony Romo

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The Short Success of Tony Romo Tony Romo. Quarterback. Dallas Cowboys. Born Antonio Ramiro Romo, on April 21st, 1980 in San Diego, California, Romo was a third generation Mexican-American. His grandfather, Ramiro Romo Sr. immigrated to America as an adolescent. (Flores, 2) Romo’s father was serving in the military in San Diego when he was born but the family moved back home to Burlington, Wisconsin when Antonio was 2 years old. Recently, Tony Romo has been getting credit for being one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL with a very bright future. I don’t believe Tony Romo has the talent to be a star quarterback. I think that his good start has been a fluke and that he will soon drop off to the poor talent level that he’s played at his entire life. Tony Romo was the quarterback of the Burlington Demons his junior and senior year of High School. (Flores, 2) Romo could not lead the Demons to a winning record in either year. He did however, make the all-county team, and was an honorable mention for all-state basketball. (Layden, 1) So he was almost good in High School, but not really at all. After graduating high school, Tony Romo went to Eastern Illinois University and majored in Business. (Flores, 3) Eastern Illinois is a Division 1-AA school, which is like the minor leagues for college. He wasn’t quite good enough to play football for a Division 1-A school. Of all 119 Division 1-A colleges, Tony Romo wasn’t good enough to get recruited by any of them. Romo only played 3 games as a freshman, but as a sophomore, he led 1-AA in passing efficiency. He was named to the Ohio Valley All-Conference team. This could be considered an honor by some I guess, but not really by many. As a junior, he led Division 1-AA in passing efficiency and was named to the All-American third team for 1-AA schools. So, he was the third best quarterback in 1-AA College.

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