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BILL COSBY Bill Cosby was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has four brothers and his dad was a sailor in the US Navy. During most of his early childhood his dad was fighting in World War II. As a student he described himself as a class clown. He went to Central High School and played basketball, football, baseball and was captain of the track team. Because he was so focused on sports he didn’t really care about school. When he transferred to Germantown High School he failed the tenth grade. Instead of repeating he dropped out and got a job but couldn’t see himself doing that for the rest of his life. So he joined the Navy and that’s when he realized the need for an education was a must in society. When he began bar tending at the Cellar, a club in…show more content…
The show went on to become the highest ranking sitcom of all time. For Cosby, the new situation comedy was a response to the increasingly violent and vulgar fare the networks usually offered. Cosby is an advocate for humor that is family-oriented. The Cosby Show was unprecedented in its portrayal of an intelligent African-American family. The series was an immediate success, debuting near the top of the ratings and staying there for most of its long run. The Cosby Show is one of only three American programs that have been #1 in the Nielsen ratings for at least five consecutive seasons, along with All in the Family and American Idol. The Cosby Show also opened doors for black culture because it was about an upper-middle class black family and not about a poor black family like much of black television was about. Cosby’s impact on the world was a great one. Many comedians today cite Bill Cosby as their personal heroes and ultimately the reason they pursued comedy. Cosby changed the face of comedy and let people know that African-Americans had potential and could be successful just like everyone

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