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Rudy is one of the all time great sports movies. Released in 1993 the movie is based on a true story of Notre Dame football player Daniel E. "Rudy" Ruettiger. The movie is the ultimate story of an “underdog” that everyone doubted to succeed and accomplishing his goals. Growing up in a small town in Juliet, IL he lived and breathed Notre Dame. His goals in the movie were to play for Notre Dame but in real life his dream was just to attend Notre Dame. The movie shows what he has to do and what are the serious obstacles he overcomes in the process as he fights to play for the school he grew up loving. Some are real; some are made up for the movie. Today the real Rudy is an inspirational speaker and speaks to people all over the world. Sharing…show more content…
In the movie Rudy’s family is somewhat dysfunctional with his older brother being the antagonist who always made fun of dreams and tried to tell him it would never happen. His Dad did not support him and just expected his sons to follow in his footsteps and work at the power plant he ran. Rudy did not have an older brother named Frank in real life; the character is all the people telling him he couldn’t do it combined into one. Also in real life Rudy had two older sisters and was the oldest boy of 14 children. He had a well-structured and supportive family in real life. The only thing they didn’t want to happen was their child getting hurt by losing it all and they understood that was a real possibility. They didn’t want him to lose everything by putting everything on the line to pursue a dream that very well could have not worked out if it wasn’t for so many things falling into place. Rudy also played many other sports in high school and not just football. He started at offensive guard and inside line backer on the football field. He also played baseball and really enjoyed…show more content…
He actually joined the Navy out of high school. Therefore when it shows that Rudy struggles to pay tuition, under the GI Bill, his tuition should have been paid after serving. One of the big reasons Rudy decided to go and pursue his dreams was the death of his best friend Pete who died in an accident working at the power plant. This did actually happen in real life, but Pete who he meets at work in the movie was actually his childhood friend growing up. In the movie, Pete gets in a fight with his older brother over Rudy and pursuing his dreams, fortunately this never happened. One of the captains in the movie is Roland Steel but there has never been a player by that name at Notre Dame. The captains in 1975 were actually Ed Bauer and Jim Stock. One crazy event you may recall is when Rudy sleeps at the football stadium but in real life he would sleep in a spare room at the basketball

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