Death Of A Salesman Who's To Blame Analysis

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Who’s to Blame? In the Nineteen-Forties the father was the head of household and his life’s works were passed down to the sons. It was a patriarchal era and it was essential to have a strong relationship between a man and his sons to sustain a strong family. In the Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman the protagonist, Willy Loman, is depicted as an incompetent father to his two sons Biff and Happy. Willy has no reminiscence of his own father; he lost his father during the early years of his childhood. Willy overwhelms his sons with love and worries about their success in life, since Willy himself was deprived of affection as a child. As a result of not having a true father figure in his childhood, Willy struggled with paternity because…show more content…
He builds up his son’s ego by telling them that all you need to be is well-liked. Theses false values shown by Willy makes Biff become overwhelmed with confidence that all he needs is to be attractive in order to be successful and makes him think of why should he have to try hard in school when his appealing personality will make up for poor grades. Willy’s flawed view of success, where being well-liked is more important than being the best at whatever job you pursue, leads to failure and unhappiness in both his life and his sons life’s in the business world. Although Happy has a job that would be more acceptable by his father than Biff’s, but Willy doesn’t admire Happy like he does Biff. Happy has lived in the shadow of Biff his whole life, he feels that to get the attention he deserves he must strive to be more successful than his brother. When Willy was talking about Biff, Happy kept hinting that he was losing weight, but Willy seems to ignore him. “He is a marked-down version of his father, with not even a grand dream to cover his grossness. His only redeeming aspect is an easy-going fondness for his family” (Koon pg.37). Happy shows

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