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Death of a Salesman depicts a family conflict. Write an essay in which you describe the sources of the conflict and how the conflict adds to the meaning of the work. The Loman family’s downfall can only be blamed on the self perpetuating myth of the American Dream, which slowly brings on their own implosion. Willy lives his life believing himself to to be living his life to this ideal, and he hands this myth down to his sons, who go on to struggle with it for their entire lives. The misconception that is Willy Loman’s life makes it so that the Loman family exist in a state of constant friction, the culmination of which constantly resides with Willy and his eldest son Biff. Willy Loman lives his life in a dream, believing himself to have the ideal American Dream existence. Even though his passions lie in working with his hands, he pushes on. He constantly dreams about going with his brother to a new frontier where he and his family can live simply, but he never admits to himself that his dream lies outside of his chosen path. He works long hours at a job he’s not good at and doesn’t truly enjoy, and he expects this kind of life for his sons. As Biff continues to not live up to his expectations, they clash constantly Biff’s failure to live his father’s dream life causes Willy to express constant disappointment in the man he’s become. Willy raised him to grow up sailing through life, believing that he can get by on being well-liked and admired. When this never culminates in the life Biff wanted, he has no idea of the direction he needs to go in. He can never hold down a job and develops a kleptomania habit. He dreams of working on a ranch, but he sees that dream as unacceptable because it is not the life his father wants for him. For much of his life, he blames his father for his failures while simultaneously trying to live up to his expectations. Because

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