Personality Theory Paper, Rudy

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Rudy, Personality Theory This paper will discuss a fictional character from a film. There are several types of fictional characters who can be used in comparison to a present situation. Therefore, a careful selection of a character will first take place, and then the details of this character are introduced so they can be analyzed and compared to theories by well known theorists. It is vital to view all the thinking from all theorists available to appropriately analyze each character. The paper will go into detail discussing the theorists such as Alfred Adler and Albert Ellis explaining their theories and how they would analyze the fictional character. Character Selection The fictional character that was selected for this paper is from the film Rudy. Rudy is a film about an American college football team, which took place at Notre Dame in 1993. The character in the lead role was named Daniel Ruettiger, better known as “Rudy”. Daniel or Rudy always dreamed of playing college football for Notre Dame, even though he had many obstacles to face. Rudy did not exhibit many of the attributes a college player would be expected to have. He lacked the physical stature and the frame to play college football on such a prestigious team. No matter how many road blocks Rudy faced, he overcame them with determination and sheer will, eventually earning him a spot on the team. His hard work pays off because he helped lead his team to a victory from a play he played helping the team win the game. Theorists Theorists analyzing Rudy and his determinations and over powering passion would be Alfred Edler and Alfred Ellis. They would use the object of relations theory to help diagnose Rudy’s will. Theories are very important and help decide the appropriate analysis of a distinct personality to acquire accurate results. Explanation from Theorists The first
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