Should College Football Be Banned

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Should College Football Be Banned? The first recorded football game was played in New Brunswick, New Jersey on November 6th, 1869 between Rutgers College and Princeton University. Ever since then football has been a tremendous part of American tradition. From the big time National Football League (NFL) all the way down to small school leagues and even Pee-Wee football. But the best of them I would say is the college level or National College Athletics Association (NCAA) league; it's the meat and potatoes of it all. College football is where it started, not high school or the NFL. Even so, some folks may ask, is college football really necessary? Is the physical and possible mental damage really worth it just for some fun? The possible injuries that a College player could be induced with are astronomical every time he steps on the field. From a simple sprain to the possible life threatening brain injury that could result in death We come out of high school and go to college to get a better education don't we? Should we have special programs for those who want to play football after high school, instead of having a student try to play sports and get an education at the same time? That takes away from the time that the student has to study and learn. Also, college students may spend time after games they have won celebrating and partying, which generally results in alcohol consumption and ill-chosen behavior. On top of that there is always the ongoing risk of injury from broken bones to the possibility of a minor to severe brain injury resulting from extensive hits to the head. Malcolm Gladwell, a renowned author, stated, “Now, what's the effect of all of that neurological trauma? Well, we know. It's a condition called,"CTE," which brings about premature death and the equivalent of Alzheimer's in people who are as young as 40 years old.” that can't possibly be

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