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Playoff System for Division 1 Football Teams The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) currently administers eighty-eight playoff systems to determine a champion for its twenty-three different colleges that are members to it. As of right now football is not included on that list of all those different sports. There has always been a serious debate about this between college athletic directors. There are some that would like the system and some that wouldn't. There are plenty of arguments for and against this subject that can help or hurt someones opinion on ether. In the division 1 football program the season usually goes from a really great pre-season and regular season but in the end the whole thing begins to get worse.…show more content…
The main reason there is a NCAA is because of the fans money that pay for the tickets and the television channels with the game on it. Without it there would be no NCAA having a playoff system would greatly increase the amount of money brought in compared to the regular season like during basketballs march madness the NCAA made “ $40 Million in ticket sales”(Weber, p. A.15). That not even including all the money that is made from things like “ESPN television contracts and sponsorships”(p. A.15) that number is probably way higher than the ticket sale number. Gaining all the money just makes it so if would be worth doing and having the money. Also if the NCAA doesn't do something soon about the issue over the playoff system fans will begin so start questioning and stop wanting to go to the…show more content…
A lot of the teams like the system because sometimes if they didn't have a very good chance of winning the actually National Championship title. Like one athletic director said “'qualifying status was a priority for our football program'”(Whitt, p.1) because that was the goal for every team so they thought they had a chance in being chosen to play in the game even if it was pure luck. Also one of the biggest arguments that the against used is that they need to protect the bowl games. One guy said that '”a playoff system would destroy the traditional pageantry of the bowl games”'( Herald, p. 1) that it will ruin all that the bowl games stand for that they cant put the playoffs around the bowl games. Football is its own sport in many was one being its unique championship. “Football remains the only NCAA sport whose championship isn't decided through a playoff system”(Herald, p.1) that is very unique to the sport and some want to keep it because they like to be different. Some believe that the more different they are the better it is. One of the main groups that were against playoffs were the “lords” or owners, of different teams that they are “ defending the 'fairness' of deeply flawed for determining a division 1-A National Champion”(Herald, p.1). They don't care if others say that the way is flawed they still believe that it is fair in some

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