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Witness Paper 2 Blue Mountain State The show “Blue Mountain State” deals with a football team that doesn’t only focus on extracurricular sports, but they take living the college life to the extreme. The episode I am about to discuss deals with Thad Castle getting poked in the butt by a fellow teammate. Thad castle is the main character in this TV series. The show starts out with a football team practicing on a weekend, so this episode will not only be about the college football, but the “behind the scenes “. Thad Castle gets poked in the butt during this practice, and he instantly freaks out and wants to get to the bottom of this awful happening. Thad Castle considers himself the captain of this team, so he has free reign to do whatever…show more content…
The bitter captain would routinely be seen over seeing their movements from a distance, and whenever he saw something suspicious he would act. This is a deployment of this concept because Thad uses power and black mail to rule over the younger men, and almost get the answer he needs, “Who touched his butt?” The story line goes on and Machiavellianism is showed all throughout the scenes. Another well rounded thought for me was that the idea of “Self-Monitoring” occurred throughout this show. Self-Monitoring says that “High self-Monitors”, for example pay close attention to others reactions to them and control how they present themselves in social interactions.” (Myers and Anderson 62) Alex Moran is another key character in this Show, Alex is one of the main suspects in the trial being done amongst the Captain and his teammates. The teammates all know who did this to Thad; it was Alex, but they weren’t about to tattle tail. Thad has some suspicion that it is Alex, because he is always giving Alex a hard time, so he thinks “he has a chip on his shoulder for me, so it has to be him”. Alex also feels that Thad may know so he “Self Monitories”

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