Remember the Titans

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Individuals & Groups- Remember the Titans 1. Short Answer Response a) Remember the Titans aims to portray certain values and attitudes. It also attempts to show a significant shift in attitudes through the development of relationships and the seeking to achieve a common goal. Football, being a violent, masculine game, allows males to get competitive and aggressive. Furthermore, males often see sport as an opportunity to get aggressive physically; as a means to release their anger. Just as character Louie Lastik says, “...may as well hit someone while I’m at it.” Through playing football, the boys not only became more knowledgeable in the sport, but also learnt a variety of values and ethics involving of justice, respect for one’s superiors, and the matter of standing up for one’s beliefs and for the rights of others. In addition, the young men were taught that what counts in life is what is inside a man’s heart, as oppose to his appearance; just as Coach Yoast told Boone: “You’ve taught this city to trust the soul of a man, rather than the look of him.” b) One of the practices that Coach Boone employed to breakdown the racial barriers was the desegregation of the white American males and the African American males. This was shown a couple of times during the film; with examples being Boone merging the two cultures together onto the buses to the camp, as well as having both the white and black males share the lodging facilities. Initially, the adolescents were hateful toward one another, but after being forced to acknowledge one another and training together, the young men eventually became accepting of everyone. Additionally, Boone made sure everything was centred on football, not race. He changed the secondary group into a primary group c) The character I feel was pivotal in breaking down the prejudicial barriers was Coach Herman Boone. Boone is
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