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Alla May 14, 2014 Gridiron Gang Gridiron Gang is a film based on a true story about a man named Sean Porter a real live coach for juveniles played by Dwayne Johnson. This is not just another football movie; this is a really nice inspirational story about a man with idea to slow down the rate of recidivism among juvenile offenders. No superhero heroics for once in this film, just a man with an idea who inspires a bunch of kids not to think of themselves as losers. The character by whose story I am really touched is Junior Palaita’s one. He is the guy who killed people with a baseball bat. In the beginning he is full of violence and refuses any kind of help from people. He provokes riots and spends hours in the box as if it is a usual thing. During the film he eventually understands that humans are not his enemies, but friends. Moreover, he has a son who will model himself on his father. And no farther wants his son to become a criminal. Thus, along with the coach Porter’s help, Junior realizes that he is responsible in his life, and not only for himself. He has people to take care of. Junior’s story shows that the choices made will hinder you and people close to you. The key scene in Junior’s story is when he is banging himself against the goalposts. This is the very moment when he realizes that he is wrong and the only way to find the path of the righteous life is to join the football team. Why? Because he sees that other guys have already changed for good, Porter’s idea is working. There still is the second chance for him too. So, he uses it and gets the results. In the end of the movie, when we see the documentary shorts, we learn that Junior Palaita got a job working for furniture company. He managed to become an honest person and a good father. Gridiron Gang is an intense story that gives us a realistic look into the lives and attitudes of teenage gang

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