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The Superbowl is an event that sports enthusiasts look forward to and love to attend at least one time in their lives. The combination of the action on the field, the entertainment at halftime, and the unveiling of the year's new commercials bring sports fans and non-sports fans in front of their televisions to witness the three and a half hour spectacle. There are a few reasons to explain why football is the most popular sport in America today. The entertainment value is unmatched compared to other major sports. There are bone crushing tackles, spectacular catches, precise throws, running backs breaking tackles for long gains, and the strength and athletic ability of all positions (except kickers and punters, of course) to make plays for their team. Shock value in football is not comparable to other major sports. Baseball and golf tend to become redundant as opposed to football where there's more astonishment, like injuries, interceptions, fumbles, flags that eradicate big plays, and blocked punts and kicks. What's making the NFL grow even higher in ratings is the rise…show more content…
There's eleven men on the field for offense, defense, and special teams. There's a coach that instructs each unit and there's a head coach that is the in-game manager, as well as the overseer of all facets of the game. Not one facet of the game can make a team a Superbowl champion. Even the 1985 Superbowl winning Chicago Bears, who was considered arguably the greatest defense in the league's history by allowing only 10.9 points per game throughout the regular season and playoffs needed help from their offense. It's not like basketball where the star player can take over the game in crunch time because in football, the star quarterback could be on the sideline while the defense has to be the hero and stop the opposing team from scoring on their last possession. It takes a team effort of coaches and players to win consistently in the
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