Compare And Contrast Pro Football Vs College Football

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Walter Weadley November 17, 2010 Pro Vs. College Football In my family we have many different traditions but my favorite would have to be weekends during the football season. Growing up in an all Chicago Bear house hold I also had a second favorite team it was not in the National Football League but at the college level it would have to be Wake Forest. On Saturdays we watch Wake Forest and on Sunday we watch the beloved Chicago Bears. Watching College and the Professional games may get very confusing. It can get confusing because both levels of football have their own rules and different formations. There are different rules in pro football then in college. One of the many rules that are different in college football there is no two minute warning like in the pro. The two minute warning in pro football is a rule that stops the clock at two minutes at the end of each half. Another rule that differs between the NFL and the NCAA is in the ruling of the catch near out of bounds. In College the player must have possession of the ball and have one foot in bounds before going out of bounds. In the Pros the athlete must have possession of the ball and have…show more content…
There are many different styles of offense and defense at the college level. On the offensive side of the ball there are many different formations. They have variety of them such as the pistol, power I, Flex bone, Wish bone, and the power T. There are more but these are the most popular. In the NFL almost all teams run the same types of offense. They all run pro style offensive and have shot gun formation and the power I. It is also different on the defensive side of the ball to. In the NFL you will always see a 4-3 and a 3-4 as a primary defense. At the college level you will also see those formations along with the 3-5, 5-2, and the 4-4. The college game is always changing and experimenting while the pro game is always the

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