Darell Revis vs Richard Sherman

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Darrell Revis & Richard Sherman Darrell Revis and Richard Sherman are two of the best corners in the National football league. Both play the game at a high level, attended college, and work ethic. Both have two different styles of play, and their entrance into the National football league. Darrell Revis is an all pro cornerback for the national football league, he plays for New England patriots just recently. He attended college at the University of Pittsburgh which he played football an played corner all his years at the University of Pittsburgh, was a standout player and destined for the league. Darrell Ravis entered the NFL draft in 2007 an was picked in the first round and overall pick was 14 to his first time the new york jets but was traded after a few seasons to the New England patriots. He is a quiet guy on the field, he doesn’t talk much trash. He lets his plays do the talking for him. He is just a play maker an he is more of a cover corner than a aggressive corner although he can do both. Darrell Revis has lots of respect around the league because he has been on the top of his game since he stepped foot in the NFL but last season he tore his ACL , so he had his first regular season , he still had a good year but just not as good as people are used to seeing him play but I know he will be back on top because I hear his work ethic is like no others, his teammates say he is always the last to leave the gym an puts in the overtime to be great because you don’t just wake up an have talent like his he has put in count hours working on his craft. Richard Sherman is also an all pro cornerback, for the Seattle Seahawks. He attended college at the University of Stanford in northern California, an also played football but started off playing wide receiver in college an got injured an started playing corner. He entered the national

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