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Boyz n the Hood Tre Styles lives with his mother in Inglewood, California. When Tre gets in a fight in his school one day, his teacher calls his mother and tells her she thinks Tre is inmature and lacks respect towards his fellow teachers and classmates. His mother was concerned about his future, so she decided to send Tre to live with his father in Crenshaw, California, hoping his father can teach him to become a good man. Moving in with his father wasn’t the ideal situation for young Tre. His first night at his father’s house, someone broke into the house. The cops didn’t do anything about it because no one was hurt, and nothing was taken. Tre meets three kids his age that live in his father’s neighborhood, who are named Darrin "Doughboy" Baker, Doughboy's maternal half-brother Ricky, and Chris. Doughboy and Ricky live with their mother across the street from Tre’s father, Furious. While Ricky is naïve…show more content…
His father teaches Tre to respect life and avoid violence. As a result, he is able to avoid the delinquency and crime, such as gang involvement and violence that fills his neighborhood. He does not involve himself in gangs and does not carry a weapon on him. Doughboy involves himself in crime and delinquency. He spends time in prison and involves himself in drug dealing. Eventually, Doughboy participates in gang-related violence and in the end is murdered by another gang. His mother favors his brother Ricky more, and doesn’t have a father figure to support him in a positive way. All of these factors show why Doughboy is the way he is. Ricky Baker was the maternal half-brother of Doughboy and all-star football player at Crenshaw High School. He is a father and his girlfriend lived in his mother’s home with them. Ricky mostly stayed out of trouble and worked toward his goal of going to college and being a college football

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