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Tony Bueal Donna P. Chipps English Composition 1 27 September 2008 Lil’ Wayne Since the beginning of rap, there have been many legendary artists to come along and make themselves known to both Americans and worldwide. If the names Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, or Jay-Z were to be mentioned, more than likely a person would know who they are, but recently, a new name has come into the rap world. Lil’ Wayne has become of the most popular rappers of the 21st century, and has made his rise to fame all in the past three years of his life. With the release of his new album, ‘Tha Carter III,’ he has become the most controversial and successful artist of the past year. Wayne hardly left any listeners disappointed with the release of his new album, with…show more content…
Dropping out of school at the age of fourteen, he entered the rap world at a very young age and was quickly introduced to some of the most legendary icons from all around the world. He has put out some of the most famous albums of all time, as well as songs that will be listened to constantly until the day rap dies. Shortly after dropping out of the seventh grade, he released his first album Tha Block is Hot, going double platinum and reaching a spot of number three on billboard album charts (Star Pulse). In 2004, he released the first album of the ever-famous Tha Carter trilogy. Tha Carter trilogy has become easily the most controversial set of albums ever to be released by any rapper. In 2005, he released the second installment of Tha Carter series, titled Tha Carter…show more content…
In June 2008, the release of the third installment of Tha Carter series was released, titled Tha Carter III. Tha Carter III has already sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide, making it the highest selling album of 2008 outselling Coldplay by a mere 700,000 (Hip Hop Crunch). Tha Carter III has already made four number one singles: “A Milli”, “Got Money”, “Mrs. Officer”, and “Lollipop”. Mr. Carter also has many other projects coming up in the future such as the release of his next album Tha Carter IV, along with some group projects with artists such as Juelz Santana and T-Pain. Along with his fast growing music career, Wayne will soon be entering the film industry appearing in movies such as Hurricane Season, The Carter, and Fast and Furious

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