How Did Michael Jordan Influence Professional Sports

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Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson Claven Ridley Week 8 First Draft Professor Deborah Busby Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson are two of the most influential professional athletes of their time because of their impact on professional sports. Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history. Micheal is recognized for his spectacular ball handling skills and his outrageous dunks. Michael Jordan is one of the most highly marketed athletes of his generation. Michael was born February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. Jordan became a star of Laney’s junior varsity squad and recorded several 40 point games. In 1981, Jordan earned a basketball scholarship to University of North Carolina, where he studied cultural geography. He received several accolades as member of the North Carolina Tarheels. He was named ACC Freshman of the Year in 1981. His final year at North Carolina, Jordan received the Oscar Robertson trophy, Naismith College Player of the Year, John Wooden Award, and the Adolph Rupp Trophy. After his fantastic year, Jordan left North Carolina and entered into the 1984 NBA…show more content…
Jackson did not sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so his rights were forfeited and his was thrown back into the NFL draft. In 1987, Jackson was drafted by the Oakland Raiders and owner Al Davis supported Jackson and his baseball career. Al Davis allowed Jackson to sign a full-time contract with the Raiders and still remain a member of MLB team Kansas City Royals. Jackson was a second string running back behind the great, Marcus Allen. However, in 1990, Jackson suffered a serious hip injury that ended his football career and seriously threatened his professional baseball career. Jackson never played professional football after the injury, but he refused to give up on his professional baseball career. In 1993, Jackson would return to the Chicago White Sox and received the Tony Conigliaro

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