Character Analysis Of Richi Perry In Walter Dean Myers 'Fallen Angles'

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Richi Perry, a seventeen year old high school graduate is the protagonist in Fallen Angles, written by Walter Dean Myers. He is uncertain about his future. At the beginning of the novel he is naïve and unsure of himself. It is the absence of a father and an alcoholic mother that drives Richi into an unsecure world. Having no other place to go, he joins the army. The war experience changes him and he loses his naivety, but keeps his determination and gains insight into the nature of humanity. Richi is a very bright, talented and ambitious boy, who had set on a career as a writer. Unfortunately, he is doomed by poverty. College takes a great deal of money, and he did not have the money. Furthermore, his alcoholic mother is unable to send him to college because she lacks the finical ability to do so. When Richi says, “My plans, maybe just my dreams really, had been to go to college, and to write. All the other guys in the neighborhood thought I was going to college. I wasn’t, and the army was the place I was going to get away from all the questions”, this illustrates that Richi is…show more content…
Moreover, he wants to come out of the war alive. The squad becomes a second family to Richi. With his understanding of the real purpose of the war he was able to calm and provide his fellow squad members a sympathetic ear. For instance, when Lieutenant Carrol dies during action, a friend of Richi blames himself for his death. Richi, however, tells him, “Wasn’t your fault, man.”, this show that Richi is calming his squad down. (Myers, 132) When Richi returns home, he realizes that he cannot be the same person ever again. He is still too poor to attend college. At the beginning of the novel he was naïve and unsure of himself. However, as he entered the army, the war experience changed him and he lost his naivety, but kept his determination and gained insight into the nature of

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