Personal Narrative Essay: Football Victory

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Victory is achieved by believing in yourself, your teammates, and never giving up. Being able to fight every second and every down is a trait overlooked too often. Take Alabama vs. Auburn for example, Alabama thought they were unbeatable but Auburn fought harder for longer and pulled out a miraculous victory. This past fall I was part of the greatest football team to ever go through Cadillac; team 118. As a team we finished with a record of 11-1. We went 9-0 during the regular season, but that didn’t come very easily. I can remember several times where we were down on the score board and we knew that if we wanted to remain undefeated and pull out a victory then we couldn’t give up and lay down. Team 118 had to bear down and fight till the…show more content…
And that’s what we did. We were down 22-7 going into halftime against Comstock Park in the regional championship game and in the locker room we all were hanging our heads in shame. Then Coach Webb walked in and reminded us how far we came to get in that position and that the game wasn’t over yet. That we could fight back, and fight back is what we did. Coming out of halftime we scored off of a Jalen Brooks run and reduced the deficit to 8 points. From there we fought hard on defense but they managed to score again to make the score 29-14. Once we got back on offense we went to work and Jalen hit Ethan Myers for a touchdown pass and made the score 21-29. We stopped Comstock Park once again and got the ball back then scored when Jalen pounded the ball in for a touchdown from the 1 yard line, but to make it an even ball game we had to go for two so we ran the same play and sure enough we got it and tied it up 29-29. Comstock then went to work on offense and ran it down the field for a touchdown and went up 36-29. We knew time was against us and had to work fast on offense but unfortunately they intercepted a pass intended for

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