Personal Narrative: My First High School Football Game

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The sidelines! I was on the sidelines of my first high school football game ever. So excited for what had lied ahead. As they lined up, did stretches, and had the hype up game talk I was filling the water bottles with Gatorade. I looked at the other team, they looked so good, but I knew we had the chance to beat them. I had never seen so many multi-cultured kids on a football team before, I was shocked but excited! They started the game with a toss off that we won, and we got the punt return. I was confused because the referee was yelling at me asking for a football. I was looking around for the footballs; he got impatient and started the game with T.C. William’s football. That’s when one of the coaches said “you have to give them our football after the other team loses there 4th down.” I said “oh that makes sense! Like the guys with the X-shirt in the NFL.” Coach said “Yes, Don’t worry it’s our fault we didn’t tell you about it. I know it’s your first game.”…show more content…
We started the game with a touchdown by our quarterback Jack Rowlett at the ten minute mark the score was 7-14. T.C. Williams got the ball back after the play, but there plays weren’t working against our defense. The quarter had the long pass but Jodel Shade had stop the wide receiver, everybody on the team was screaming, and yelling even me! T.C. Williams tries the same play on a four two defensive play, and Eric Siegel trucks the quarterback of T.C. Williams! The whole sideline was yelling oh! It was a pretty good hit because the kid was lying on the grass for a little bit. Then the team was still hyped about the last play they let a kid run off to the sidelines, and scores a touchdown. Of course everybody was excited, and that’s when both teams started playing dirty. When there was 2 minutes left on the game Jack Rowlett scored another touchdown and that end the 3rd quarter

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