The Birth Of Professional Football

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The Birth of Professional Football The 1950 NFL season was the 31st regular season of the National Football League. Prior to the 1950 season, the NFL and the AAFC merged. Now the NFL consisted of 13 teams, and they were divided up into the National and the American conferences. The NFL enjoyed a nice popularity surge when the Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants in the NFL Championship game. John Unitas was the standout quarterback for the Colts at the time who led his team to victory on a second drive to seal the win. This game later became known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played." Unitas then went on to be a Hall of Fame quarterback with 40,239 passing yards and 290 touchdown passes. He holds a record for having had at least one touchdown pass in 47 consecutive games. That record may stand forever. John was a first or second-team All-NFL choice in eight years. He was the NFL Player of the Year three times, and he was named to an astonishing 10 Pro Bowls. But perhaps the big impact of this game was that it was the first NFL tilte game to be broadcasted from coast to coast. Also since the NFL is becoming more popular, and the teams are developing a sense of style, the demand for more teams was high. During the 1950's the average paid attendance per game ranged anywhere from 25,000 to 43,000. In the 50's the NFL or rather any football league, they had leather helmets without a facemask, and they really didnt do much to help protect your head. It was unlikely for a lot of head injuries to occur. They also didn't have the pad quality like there is today, the NFL in the 50's didn't even have shoulder pads for their players. Football was just one of the many pasttime for Americans. The College Football Era Notre Dame started out the 50's as the nation's #1 riding a 38 game win streak, but by the end of the college football season the unbeaten Oklahoma Sooners

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