Walking Wrecking Balls

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Walking Wrecking Balls Throughout the history of mankind, heroes, are the reason why positive change has had an uprising in our constantly developing world. They are what make the world a better place, and to be a hero, sacrifices have to be made that no one else would make, just because of the natural, inner want and need possessed to help others and be successful in their own lives as well. Just because someone is considered a hero, doesn't mean that person is perfect in all aspects. In fact, most people that end up becoming a great hero or idol, end up facing major adversity or hardship on their way to achieving success. They fight their own battles to become stronger and to ultimately be an example for how to win the actual game of life. There are many types of heroes out there, and all of them help in the process of helping someone be who they want to be without letting anything getting in their way. Athletic heroes save lives. Many people have had their lives changed or saved only because they had a sports hero to look up to. It takes more than just talent to become an accomplished athlete. Individuals who excel in sporting activities often do so because they go to the extreme with hard work and effort, both in their everyday practice sessions and game play or events. It is through setting personal goals to stretch their own achievements, that their outstanding drive becomes recognized by all others. Athletic heroes are also known for overcoming injuries received in play, while many athletes have had their career come to an end through unfortunate injuries. Athletic heroes often become acknowledged by their brilliant performance sometimes surpassing what can be considered human expectations. Someone who has faced not necessarily an unfortunate injury, but instead a life threatening disease, is the man Lance Armstrong. With seven victories, he holds

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