Ender Wiggin Character Analysis

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There are many types of people in the world, there are people that make it go round. And people that want it to end. In the novel Ender Wiggin battles the alien race while missing his family but fearing his brother as he gets smarter and wants to destroy the world. In the Orson Scott card’s novel Enders game, the main character Ender Wiggin, is a very sensitive, determined, and intelligent boy. In the novel ender is asked to go to battle school to fight the buggers. But Ender is very sensitive and does not like to hurt anyone. But yet Ender is a very determined boy and decides to go and be the best fighter he can be. At the age of 6 Ender is the most intelligent boy in his group and all the other boys dislike him because of it. In the novel…show more content…
Ender would stay up and train and study everything he could to beat all the missions he had. “What matters is that he won the game that couldn’t be won” (66) ender had a lot of problems with the other launches because of his success and would often have to stand up for himself. Before ender made his moves he would study the actions of the enemy in his head to map out his action plan and make his move. No one else was as determined to be the best as ender was. And by doing what he did he was success full in what he wanted. Ender was only 6 years old when he was sent to battle school. But at the age of six, he was more intelligent then all the other boys in his group. If there was something ender knew he wasn’t good at he would study and study to be the best at it. If there a was a battle that others couldn’t beat, he would strategize and bring out all his intelligent’s to be the best at it and prove to others he deserved his spot. “He jumped at the giant, clambered up his lip and nose and began to dig in the giants eye”(64). No matter how hard ender played and studied it was never good enough for him and would always give it everything he had. Ender Wiggin the most sensitive, determined but yet intelligent boy. When

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