Joe “Cool” Montana, The Comeback Kid

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Running head: JOE “COOL” MONTANA, THE COMEBACK KID Joe “Cool” Montana, The Comeback Kid Jonnie L. Dooley Nevada State College Abstract One of the NFL most loved quarterbacks in NFL history had an amazing career and a wonderful journey getting there. Joe Montana was an only child, from a small town in Pennsylvania. He excelled in his early years in all sports and went to Notre Dame where he earned his spot as starting quarterback. Joe he became the greatest loved quarterback for over a decade playing for the San Francisco and finishing his career with the Kansas City Chiefs. Joe was inducted to the Football Hall of Fame at the age of 44. Joe “Cool” Montana, The Comeback Kid How did a boy from small town Pennsylvania become the greatest clutch play that the NFL has ever seen? There are three significant reasons why Joe Montana, former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers football team, is the greatest regular season as well as greatest Super Bowl quarterback in National Football League history. First, Montana had a baffling sense for reading defenses, finding his receivers or running the ball out of trouble when linemen rushed him. Second, he possessed an astonishing intuition that resulted in long gains or touchdowns, when other quarterbacks would have been sacked. And third, he was a calm leader and an inspiration to everyone around him for more than a decade, (Montana, & Mitchell, 2006). Joe Montana would become the greatest NFL regular season and Super Bowl quarterback ever or at least to date; Joe’s climb to the top of the NFL was not ominous. Joe was not drafted by the 49ers until the third round in 1979, unlike most super star quarterbacks, that almost always go immediately in the first round draft. Joe Montana shined during his high school athletic career, but had to earn every spot he played after that, (Montana, & Mitchell,

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