Ray Lewis vs Lance Armstrong

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Ray Lewis vs. Lance Armstrong Depending on the popularity and individuality of a sport, athletes are held at a different level than each other. More than six in every 10 Americans consider themselves to be fans of professional football. (63%) Legendary linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis, portrays a hostile football attitude winning over the respects of the football advocates of the nation. Ray Lewis played his first game of professional football in the 1996 with the team of the Baltimore Ravens. He was selected to be linebacker. At 21, Lewis played with players whom had already established themselves into the game successfully. Therefore, many viewers had considered this boy too petite to play for the linebacker position. Proving them wrong, Ray Lewis appeared to be one of the most capable players on the team. His 15 tackles for loss, 6 deflections and 2.5 sacks earned him “All-Rookie Team” honors by a leading newspaper. There was no looking back for Lewis, for three consecutive years after 1996 he earned his “Pro Bowl” acceptance each season after another. Ray Lewis achieved his first Super Bowl win and “best defensive player” of the year in 2000. In era 2002, the nation watched as Ray Lewis had only played 5 games due to a shoulder injury. After 5 consecutive years of winning the pro bowl, the trend was put to a screeching halt during the 2002 season, due to his shoulder injury. Thankfully, Ray was back into shape for the 2003 season and it was a pleasing entity to watch this champion play yet again. Many tabloids, magazines and sport shows started to feature Ray and wrote about his amazing recovery and his successful football career. After another injury suffered within the 2005 season, the year 2006 charged him up for the game, leading the Ravens defense to an NFL best ranking in the defensive category. Although 2007 didn't really prove to be a

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