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Mike Vick: In the book mike Vick you learn about his life from the very beginning and all the way till the present. It starts off as him as a little boy in the hood of Atlanta. He explains how he took care of his brothers and sisters and how they were poor. When he was little drugs and dog fighting were very popular but he didn’t know that it was really bad. He just thought it was exciting and cool. So as he grew up he found his two loves for football and dog fighting. He became their schools top high school quarterback, and that earned him a full scholarship to west Virgina University. His parents were very proud. But he was also depressed because he’s never been away from his siblings before and he didn’t want to leave them, but they understood and knew it was for the best. After playing four years of college football he was drafted by the Atlanta falcons. His family has never been prouder and from this point they understood that they would be having a big paycheck. This was a good thing for the Vick family, but also a very bad thing for them. They didn’t know how to save money or spend it in a more convenient way to keep some extra cash for the long run. That is what hurt them; they started buying houses for the whole family, cars for everyone whatever mike and his wife wanted they got. And with his love for…show more content…
Page 43, “do you like advertising yourself.” He chose advertising meaning to show off, and I think it is put in the right place. Page 45, “I’m a heavy duty quarterback;” he said heavy duty to mean strong. He should have said strong, because it makes more sense. Page 60, “do you ever communicate with your agent,” communicate meaning to speak and I don’t think he should change it. Page 66, “I use bandages to prevent burns.” He used bandages to mean wraps, and there is no replacement for it. Page 81, “I enjoy to backpedal when I’m tired of running”, he chose it to mean run backwards , and everyone knows what it

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