The Importance Of Football Safety

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Football is know for being a violent sport and I doubt it will ever change but the addition of more rules and better equipment can prevent brutal Injuries. I’ve Personally experienced getting hit while playing football and the feeling is painful to the head. Researches have shown some Ex NFL players have died from brain injuries and others live with brain problems daily due to the brutal hits to the head while playing football. I personally feel the game should be changed to different way for safety to the players. I first experienced playing football and getting hit to the head my 8th grade year of Junior high school, I was a Quarterback, and there were a few times where I would get hit and wouldn’t remember the play. I thought I had a…show more content…
In football, they could improve the safety of the helmets, improve the rules, or safety in all sports to prevent concussions. People could prevent concussions by buying better helmets it’s huge amount of cost where not all levels of football can afford. All levels of football have added better ruling to the game which is a good thing. The research I found states about the NFL but all rules involving football fall under all levels being Youth, Public School, College and pro level. Writer (Gwen Brown) states “ The 2012 expanded rule includes preventing “defenseless” players from taking shots above their shoulders. That means that players are prohibited to launch themselves off the ground and use their helmets to strike another player in the head or neck when he is in a defenseless or vulnerable posture” (Gwen Brown). Another prevention of head injuries show recent studies is a new helmet has been made to prevent concussions. Writer (Will Brinson) states “The prevention of concussions is at the forefront of any football discussion these days. And the folks at Riddell, one of the primary helmet makers in the industry, have created the Riddell 360, a new helmet with the primary goal of improving the health of football players” (Will Brinson). To me That shows a lot of importance Football organizations want to prevent concussions. With the best safety and higher awareness of concussions, there are still some that can’t be prevented.…show more content…
He is one of the most legendary players of all time winning four Super Bowls. Now Terry is dealing with the after effects of his concussions now in his life. In the era that he played in, players played through almost every injury except broken bones. Concussions were considered headaches basically. Something that players were taught to fight through when Bradshaw played. (Terry Bradshaw) “When I played for the Steelers and I got my bell rung, I’d take smelling salts and go right back out there. All of us did that. We didn’t know any better. You don’t know how many times I was in the huddle, asking my teammates to help me call a play. After a few minutes, I’d be fine and I’d keep playing just like nothing had happened.” (Terry Bradshaw ) Now his short term memory is quite lacking. Another problem of (Terry Bradshaw) “Toward the end of last season on the FOX pre-game show, maybe the last six weeks, I really started to forget things. That’s why I quit reciting statistics because I couldn’t remember them exactly and I stayed away from mentioning some players by name because I really wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to make a mistake. I’m on national TV in front of millions and I hate making mistakes. I told the people in Ruston that I suffered six concussions and numerous head injuries.” (Terry Bradshaw) “The memory loss made me jittery at times. It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t remember something that I studied the

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