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TINA GRACE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS This movie is based on a true story written by H.G. Bissinger. He followed the Permian Panthers throughout their 1988 football season. Mr. Bissinger focused on some of the football players and the different challenges they endured throughout their lives. The town of Odessa, Texas is suffering from racism and economic challenges. Friday Night was exciting for the town because of the football game. They closed down all the businesses so they could attend the game and show their support. First, Boobie Miles was very popular in Odessa. He was star athlete for the team. He had a passion for football and dreamed of making a career out of it. He hoped that he could take part in helping the team make it to the championship. Not only was he filled hopes and dreams the whole town was too. Boobie was being raised by his uncle L. V. Miles. He really wanted to pursue his dreams so he could take care of his uncle. His uncle was also a big fan of his. Boobie was portrayed as a young man having challenges in education. He was not concentrating on his academic scores because football was always on his mind. During his interview he made the statement that he made all A’s. He wasn’t…show more content…
It can teach you a lot of different things in different views. It shows how you can have a fall for fame. Everybody was a fan of Boobie until he got hurt. It affected him in so many ways that he didn’t know how to deal with it. All of his dreams were shattered and he was trying to cope with just being an everyday person without known fame The Playoff game was based on racism. It was sad that after they had the coin toss that it had to be in a neutral place because they were scared of what the Carter Cowboys fans were gone do since the Permian Panthers were predominately white. The next year Coach Gaines led the undefeated Permian Panthers to the state playoff. He had won is confidence back from the

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