Terrell Owens

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Before making it to the National Football League Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson lived through difficult childhoods. Now having made it on the main stage Owens and Johnson are two of the most well known wide receivers in the National Football League today. They aren’t known only for their game breaking ability, but for their demeanor on and off the field. Both of these receivers have changed the game of football, making it a performance instead of a game. Both Terrell and Chad are excellent athletes, but besides that they have similar character traits, beliefs, and behavioral patterns. Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens both lived similar lives. As adolescents they both lived with their grandparents. A father figure was absent in both of their…show more content…
Both of these men consider themselves entertainers. Owens once said “get your popcorn ready, cause I’m going to put on a show.” Johnson’s celebrations included the riverdance, doing CPR on the football, and putting the football with the out of bounds marker for the endzone. Owens once took a sharpie out of his sock after a touchdown, signed the football and gave it to a fan. In a game against the Dallas Cowboys, before Owens was on the team, he scored a touchdown and ran to the middle of the field and stood on the Dallas star. While with the Philadelphia Eagles, Owens’ main celebration was flapping his arms like he was an eagle. Because of Johnson’s and Owens’ celebrations, the NFL made it a rule that a player would be fined for excessive celebration. These celebrations are a huge part of the show that these players put on for the fans. After all, Owens and Johnson are the reason that the seats are filled the stadium. After the rule was passed Johnson called the NFL the “No Fun League.” Johnson continues to celebrate when he scores since it’s such a rare occasion for him this…show more content…
Each of them found sports, mainly football as an escape. After going over some speed bumps in their attempt to become professional athletes they achieved stardom through great physical ability. After getting to the NFL each of these players became infatuated with attention. Changing hair styles, last names, and demanding more money when already making more than enough for playing a game, are some ways that shows how much these two need the attention. Also, both Johnson and Owens excessively celebrated when a touchdown was scored. After having some successful seasons each of these men considered himself the best player in the league, showing that they are both overly confident. Both Johnson and Owens will be seen yelling at their coach when they don’t get the ball as many times as they would like to during a game, showing the passion that each has for the game that they love and have played since they were

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