Strikers in Soccer

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Strikers in Soccer Soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world today. Lots of people all around the world come together and watch soccer because they love it and one position in soccer is the most played and important. The striker. The teammates are looking at him and everyone sets his hopes on the striker. Since soccer is popular, many fans see the striker position as the leader of the team. His teammates are searching him on the field because he is the closest person of the team to the goal from the other team. Most of the time he get the ball from the offensive midfielder, who is the brain of the team with his brilliant ideas how he can play an awesome pass the other teammates can score. Or he gets the ball from the left or right wingers. Most of the time the wingers have to bring the ball into the middle where the striker should score. The striker position is the worldwide role model of the team; the kids are looking soccer and see the strikers first on the poster. Most of the people knows the Brazilian Pele, The Argentinian Diego Maradonna, The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (who plays for Real Madrid in Spain) or the Argentinian Lionel Messi (who plays for FC Barcelona in Spain) because there are strikers and they score all night long so everybody knows them. They are global brands, you can do promotion with them and the product where they promote will sell so good because everyone will have the product where their idols promote. There are different types of strikers. Mainly three sorts. The first sort is the small and fast striker. They have a good agility and they are flexible but they are not strong in headers. When this first sort of strikers begun to play, they play as a offensive midfielder so they understand to play good balls to other players too and that is the future of soccer. The perfect example for the first sort of strikers is the

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