Compare & Contrast of 2 sports

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COMPARE AND CONTRAST Rugby Football and American Football RUGBY FOOTBALL Rugby football originated in the early 1800’s when a young boy named William Webb Ellis “ran with a ball in hand showing disregard” . Since then it has evolved to a great extent. Due to its growing popularity, during the late 1800’s it was codified into a sport with Laws. Six schools participated in the first tournament, and gradually the sport moved on to other places like Australia, Ireland and Canada where it gained in popularity. The concept of the game revolves around 2 teams, each consisting of 15 players, observing fair play, carrying, passing, kicking and grounding the oval shaped ball to score points . At the end of 80 minutes, the team with the most points is considered as the winner. AMERICAN FOOTBALL The sport was formerly “Rugby Football” and in the mid 20th Century, got codified in the United States of America and came to be known as American Football. The change came about due to the fact that the sport was causing too many casualties amongst the players. To ensure safety of the players, safety gear was made mandatory for the players and helmets were introduced to avoid injuries to the players head. American Football was first played in the U.S. at Harvard College and later on was adopted by all the Ivy League Colleges, gaining in popularity. Today it is played in almost all colleges in the United States of America. The object of the sport is to score maximum number of points within four quarters which are fifteen minutes each. Points are scored by carrying the oval ball over the goal line of the opponent or by passing it to another player, or by kicking through the goal post on the opposing side . At the end of the time limit, the team who has scored the most points is declared winner. SIMILARITIES BETWEEN RUGBY FOOTBALL

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