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Prolouge There was once a small young black boy from the streets of 3rd bone in Chester. He was the smallest in his whole family. Even his little brother was bigger than him. He was always getting jumped and bothered by people for being so happy with his life. His only downfall was his anger problems and always being in trouble in school. He did what he was supposed to do at home. He was an energetic healthy little boy who watched wwe wrestling on TV every Friday, Monday, and Sunday. He made the goal to get older and become stronger and better then the superstars he watched. He did 10 pushups a day and 25 sit ups to try and get a six pack. His favorite wrestler was Kurt Angle. He did research on Kurt Angle and learned that Kurt was an Olympic…show more content…
His grades fell and then fell again. Most of his grades were ok but his English grade stayed bad. He started wrestling in 11th grade after finally telling himself that it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. He was beginning to realize how strong he was and came up with the game plan “if they not stronger then I am then they can’s slam me or get me in an uncomfortable position”. He would go into every match determined not to lose and would come out victor. He would lose the first match of his tournament because of the seed he was and because he was a rookie. He prevailed over the rest of his opponents and made it to sectionals where he would go and place third to make it to districts. He lost both matches at districts where his season would end from his body being banged up with his record having 16 wins and 6 losses for his first year. He suffered from a bursa on his kneecap which is very painful from his knee hitting the mat constantly. He would also go and fail English 11 due to a corrupted teacher and so called plagiarized decades project. He went to summer school and passed the test telling what needed to learn the first week. There wasn’t anything he really needed to learn so they just gave him extra work so the money he paid wouldn’t be wasted. He also kept up with his exercising daily along with doctor appointments for his left

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