The Art Of Coaching Basketball Essay

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The Art of Coaching Basketball The enjoyment of basketball has always been in my life. I played for almost ten years and I love the sport very much. Two years ago, a local parent in my hometown of Butler, Pennsylvania called me about coaching a 5th grade basketball team. He knew that my dream has always been to coach basketball, and he knew I would do a good job. He offered me the job and he said that a little money would be in the deal also. At first, I felt like a premier coach getting money, but that wasn’t what was important. The important part was being able to get some experience under my belt. It was basically going to be a summer job for me, and a job that I would love and enjoy at the same time. My first practice finally arrived, and I made my practice plan out, but I wanted to think about what I was going to say to the young eleven year olds. I kept thinking for over an hour and I couldn’t think of the right thing, but finally I figured out the perfect speech. I remember exactly what I said I told the kids that 5th grade basketball is about getting better so you can play at the high school level. I told them it has nothing to do with winning, of course everyone likes to win, that’s not the most important part. Never focus on the winning aspect of the game; focus on making yourself the best player you can be, and the wins will come. Too many coaches focus on wins rather than the most important part of the game. I play an interesting role as a young coach. The first couple days of practice some of the kids don’t take you seriously because they don’t think you really know what you’re talking about. We always did skill work every practice for about an hour because that is the most important part for the next level. In games, most of the other coaches play a zone defense because that’s easy to play and their team has a better chance of

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