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How did Coach Carter inspire his team to become both better players and people? Coach Carter was an inspiration coach to the Richmond high basketball team, he took a bunch of disrespectful, no good kids that were going no one in life and turned them into respectful young men that were now going somewhere in life. Couch Carter went to Richmond high school when he was a teenage and held record’s for basketball. He wanted to teach the boys that they could go somewhere in life if they study and go to classes and get good grades. Before couch carter took over the Richmond high basketball team they were shit. They would fight on the court against other players and in the change rooms…show more content…
He also told them not to say the “N” word because it was disrespectful and if they said it around other people it was making its seem alright for there people to call them the “N” word witch is wrong. To be respectful they had to stop fighting and because better players so they could win games. Couch Carter made them wear ties and suit jackets to the games so they looked like a team. Another thing Coach Carter wanted high Expectations for the boys so he made them sign a contract and if they didn’t do what was on the contract they couldn’t play or train in the gym until they for filled the contract. Couch Carter pushed the boys to be there best and to be the best they had to learn to run a whole game so carter made them to running all the time. If they came to training late he would make them do 1000 suicides and if they said they “N” word they would have to do the same. Doing the suicides made them fit and they could run a whole game and they started winning. Another way carter inspired the boys was with determination they studied then though the gym was unlocked and coach carter retired from coaching because the parents didn’t want him to coach anymore but the players wanted him to be there coach so he coached they team again so it was like he never

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