Kinesiology Major Essay

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The reason I am a Kinesiology major is because I want to study the field of coaching and teaching fitness to our youth within the public school system. The reason I choose coaching is because when I was growing up I would get into a lot of trouble as a kid. Coming from a single parent household, I needed to find a positive way out of trouble so I got into sports of all kinds. I played soccer, flag football, basketball, and baseball. The three sports I fell in love with the most was football, baseball, and basketball. My dad played baseball for the New York Yankees back in the 80’s. He stopped playing when he threw his arm out. I decided stay with just playing baseball and basketball because when I got to high school the football coach made a big deal about all the sports I was playing. He wanted me just to do football, so I told him that I wasn’t just going…show more content…
When I got there, the coach took time to talk to every player on the team and taught us that there was more to life than basketball and that basketball is a game of life. As a sophomore, he brought me up to play Varsity and I took pride in it, while other players and parents of the team disapproved of the situation and the decision that he made. But he took me under his wing and told me that he was doing what was best for the team. As a player, I realized that he took time with all the players on the team whether they played or not and it wasn’t always about basketball but about life in general. He taught me how to handle pressure in clutch situations of a game. As a sophomore I started and we went to the playoffs. He taught us that this game is more than just something to do you has to love it. When I step on a basketball court it feels like nothing matters. The stresses that I been going through or the pain or the sickness just doesn’t matter. The smell of the basketball shoes and balls and nets make you respect the game and love
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