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Camilo atehortua 5/7/11 The martin family is a big family. With 6 kids. 4 girls and 2 boys. All the 4 girls get along with each other and the boys really don’t get along because they are always arguing about stuff like games, clothing, rooms, and who is the best an strongest. The girls are always going out on Fridays to the movies. The boys usaully are punished so they don’t go outside hanging out anywere because of them fighting about little things. The dad has a job and his job is working at the microsoft company making new softwares for people. He already got fired from the sony company for going on vacation without permission from his boss. The…show more content…
1 plays baseball and the other plays soccer. The girls don’t really play sports. But they are in good shape because they are always running outside playing hide and seek. Now lets talk about there eye colors, there nose shape and there teeth. The dad has squere eyes, a traingular nose, an squere teeth. The mom has round eyes, a traingular nose, and pointed teeth. All the family have differint persinalitys. The one with the most angry persinality is christiphor. He gets mad very easily. Boy 2 has ADHD so he has a angry persinality and he is always jumping around. The girls look like they all have the same persinality. They are all very patient with others but the brothers. The all like doing there HW and getting good grades in school because they want to go to college and start a career. The boys obviesly just want to play games on the PS3 and the XBOX 360 all they long. Sometimes they lie about them not having HW just play video games for a long time but there parents make them stop after 2 hours and make them read for 30 minutes and to outside and run around to keep them active. There parents get them tuters to help them do better in school because there grades areint so

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