Sports Autobiography Essay

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Before I was even born, sports were in my life. My mom and dad played in a softball league and played before she knew she was pregnant. When she found out she still went to cheer my father on and when she had me she took me to every single game since I was born. My parents gave me every opportunity to do whatever I wanted; I've played and tried almost every sport. I love sports and I love staying active. That's not the only reason I play sports though. My very nature is competitive and loves the thrill of a challenge. I'm a very hard worker and I'm the toughest person on myself when it comes to doing something wrong or doing bad. When I first started playing sports it was it was all for fun until I found the sports I truly loved and was serious about them. The first sport I ever tried was when I was 4, I did gymnastics. I loved it so much and I would watch the older girls hoping that would be me one day. I only did it for 2 years though because the place I went to moved somewhere else so I stopped. I won a medal in floor and this first got me going with competition. This all started my love for sports. When I went to elementary school I started doing dance since in some ways it was like gymnastics. It was run by the school and it was once a week. I started out in ballet then the next 2 years did ballet and tap, in 4th and 5th grade I did jazz and tap and my last year I did hip hop. Dancing was fun but I got bored really easily with it. It was more of way to spend time with my friends because we all did it. I never wanted to be competitive with it and that's why I never went outside of school with it. Ballet wasn't the only thing I did in elementary school. I also tried lacrosse in 5th grade, but didn't like it because girl’s lacrosse was too easy. You couldn't be aggressive and I got called out on that a lot. Another sport I tried was soccer in

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