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Taking someone under your wing can be a scary experience. One of the most difficult and joyful things I’ve ever done was coach basketball. I was afraid of how to first approach the players at Los Cerros Middle School. I thought that coaching would be good volunteer work for my community. What I did not realize was that coaching these students would make me a more confident individual. I tend to become nervous in new situations, especially if I am not familiar with anyone. Luckily, the other coach was my old physical education back when I attended Los Cerros. After changing into basketball attire, I stepped onto the court to meet my students. They were already warming up. I began to feel more at ease. During the first day of practice, the…show more content…
“If truth be told, yes.” “Always know that peer pressure is a major problem. During high school there have been several kids give in to drugs and alcohol under the impression it is an escape. If at any time you are in doubt, just come and talk to me” Following two weeks of practice the regular season came so quickly upon us like 40° temperatures in the wintertime. At 3:00pm we arrived at the school for our first game of the season. Our opponent was against Diablo Vista. We all had butterflies in our stomach. Before the game I got the players in a huddle and told them, “Whether we win or lose isn’t as important as the camaraderie I have seen between you guys over the last couple of weeks and I am honored to be able to coach you gentlemen.” Coaching basketball was not easy for my but in the end my perseverance paid off. Not only did I learn how to earn the children’s trust and how to be a mentor but I also learned something about learning. I am not nearly as nervous anymore when put in a new environment. I now approach tasks with more confidence. It is an amazing, liberating feeling when you achieve a goal as I

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