My First Interview

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--- My First Interview--- Can you remember your first interview? At a young age I was in love with money so naturally I wanted a job. Since the age of six (6) I was a “club kid”. I went to the Boys & Girls Club of Chula Vista; back when it was on Lst. The Boys & Girls Club ran several different sports programs so I was always there. One year a month or so before summer I was about fifteen (15). The Director made an announcement that they will be hiring a teen to run the lunch program for the summer. At that time the opportunity seemed perfect, but the only problem was that I wasn’t the only person interested. ---What should I do---- Later on day all I could think about was how could I get that job. I probably spent the whole rest of the afternoon thinking about how I could get picked to work. At the club staff asked many of us to help out with things but we pretty much blew them off if there wasn’t some type of reward or prize. I knew that I had to somehow impress or make the staff notice me more than the others so I decided to do a few things here and there to try and stand out a little more. Also I would ask if there’s anything I could do as it got closer to the summer. ---Finally Summer--- At last it’s a week before summer; the Director had a meeting for all those that wanted to work for the summer day camp lunch program. I felt excited and nervous at the same time, I thought I had a pretty good chance but there was at least seven (7) other teens there. They said that one (1) person is going to get the job, but they want all of us to have experience turning in an application and have interviews, so we can have experience in the whole process. ----The Big Day---- Finally the big day was here. It was make it or break it day for me. I really wanted the job but I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew or ever heard was to give good eye contact

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