Com1003 2b Essay

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Kylie Chapman 7745427 COM10003 Learning and Communicating Online Assessment 2B: Analysis of collaborative work 1. What factors do you think contributed to the level of success your group achieved? What is a group? A group can be defined as two or more people who have a common task or objective, an awareness of the group’s identity and boundaries, a level of interdependence, a minimum set of agreed values and norms which regulate their interaction and conduct. (Einon, 2012) To have a group with any level of success, each person involved needs to play a part and collaborate effectively. In our group 1, most of us were involved from the start of the assignment. As a group we shared ideas back and forth and respected each other’s opinions and ideas. Sarah T and Sarah E set times that the group was to respond to questions by. By having deadlines set like this, it made everyone accountable and able to have their information or opinion written up in the wiki so we were able to move onto the next stage in a timely manner. In a group task such as this, a major factor would also be the members wanting to succeed. As a group we were all focused on the same outcome, working together and putting our information into the presentation as best as we could. As we were all focused on the same thing, very early on we communicated clearly with our group members. I was heading away on a family holiday for a week and I told the other group members what day I was going away and when I was coming back. Hannah was also going away and let us all know. By doing this we were able to work around each other’s time constraints and still be successful as a group. Even though the online WIKI seemed slow in getting responses due to each person’s work study or social schedule, it was only usually a few days until the answers and information was posted. 2. What role(s) did you take
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